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Watershed is a software platform for running a world-class climate program. Start reducing your carbon footprint in weeks, not years.

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How Watershed works

Companies use Watershed's software to measure their carbon footprint comprehensively, plan and execute on steps to reduce emissions, and share results with investor-grade reporting.

Measure your entire footprint, fast

Measure in days, not months. Upload raw data from the tools you already use, and Watershed handles the rest.

Watershed shows you where every kilogram of carbon comes from. Analyze Scope 3 emissions with granular data on specific suppliers. Benchmark against your industry and identify high-emitting vendors and categories.

Graphic of carbon emission bar charts on the Watershed dashboard

Build a carbon reduction plan

Set an ambitious climate target, and develop a year-by-year, team-by-team plan to achieve it.

Watershed recommends steps to reduce carbon, specific to your business. Model scenarios and forecast future emissions. Design a carbon removal portfolio to get to zero, and make a financial plan for your climate program.

Graphic of setting carbon reduction goal in Watershed

Take action with the Watershed dashboard

Identify vendors that drive your footprint and help them adopt low-carbon practices.

Give teams the data they need to make daily decisions based on carbon impact.

Track progress against your reduction targets with ongoing, fast measurements.

Buy clean power for your buildings and remote workers' homes.

Fund high-impact carbon removal projects and offsets vetted by experts.

Keep employees and leaders in the loop with an automatically updated dashboard.

Fund carbon removal and clean power projects that matter

With the Watershed Marketplace, you can fund high-quality carbon removal, clean power, and carbon offset projects, right from the Watershed dashboard. We work with cutting-edge partners, so your funds have the biggest impact. Read more ›

  • Fund a portfolio of bets, mixing long-term investments with quick emissions reductions.
  • Projects are fully vetted by Watershed to ensure they’re driving real carbon reductions.
  • Get access to cutting-edge carbon removal technology, where early purchases make a big difference.

Investor-grade reporting

Export data and reports to share with investors, customers, and regulators. Watershed's data is aligned with the GHG Protocol, the gold standard for carbon accounting.

We also handle carbon reporting for the key disclosure obligations like CDP, TCFD, SASB, GRI, and SECR.

Greenhouse Gas Protocol
Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures

Powered by the latest climate science

Watershed draws on climate science research and a broad database of emissions factors to calculate your footprint accurately. We use supplier-specific data to analyze Scope 3 emissions from your vendors.


Ready to build a high-impact climate program?

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Working with companies from Sweetgreen to Shopify, Watershed collects data about operations, figures out how much carbon it generates, and then finds the ways to reduce it.

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Watershed and its customers are part of a growing movement of companies realizing that fighting climate change needs to be a fundamental part of their long-term business plan.

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Turning a corporate climate pledge into reality is a complex endeavor. Watershed is committed to using data to cut corporate emissions fast.

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About Watershed

We aim to accelerate the fight against climate change by building tools that organizations need to get to zero carbon, fast.

We're a team of technologists and climate advocates. We previously launched Stripe's carbon removal commitment, and have built products at Stripe, Airtable, Airbnb, Apple, and Opendoor.

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